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Cooperation case

  • KEG
  • LG
  • Wanbao
  • Tenesun
  • Soyea  refrigerator

Company strength

  • National Key High-tech Enteprises;Exechtive Dirctor of provincial Mould Invention Association
  • Own Dozens Patents for Invention Utility patent; Numbers of Prducts was Awarded as Provincial High-tech Products;

Our Goal

  • Provide new equipment for customer product innovation and process improvement;
  • Provide new equipment for customers to improve production efficiency and product quality;

Employee Belief

  • Nothing is impossible, everything will be the way!
  • There is a problem is not the right way, it is difficult to have the ability to!


  • Talent concept: the first element of enterprise development is a person, we want the person in charge of;
  • Quality concept: good quality is the ultimate and only way out for the development of enterprises;

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Service hotline:0550-3567208


We will do better than customer's expectations!

Quality first Profit second

20 years of research and development experience in optical fiber products

01.Unity, positive and efficient core management team

Jointly committed to building a modern, professional equipment manufacturing enterprises

02.Professional, dedicated, dedicated, efficient design and development team

Around the customer needs, the implementation of integrated solutions

03.Full set of high precision machining equipment

Effectively ensure the technical requirements of the product to be accurately realized

04.Perfect project management mode, active customers sales

Specialized division of labor and social coordination, strict implementation of the process and norms, to ensure the success of the project 100%, a number of patented technology has been recognized by domestic and foreign high-end customers

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About us

About us

Chuzhou Shangnuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in China's household electrical appliance equipment mold manufacturing center - Chuzhou in Anhui Province.Chuzhou Shangnuo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.national High-Tech Enterprise. Has received invention patents and utility model patents more than 10, a number of products have been the title of Anhui high-tech products.The company mainly serves the household appliances, automobiles and spare parts industry, focusing on these two types of products manufacturing process research and upgrading.The company is committed to household electrical appliances manufacturing process research and upgrading, the following two directions as the company's development goals:First, committed to the product line automation and research and development and manufacturing, reducing the demand for arti…...




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